Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it.


The Therapy Kit

Chemotherapy is the process of using different drugs to treat cancer. In simple language chemo destroys cancer cells; However, it also attacks a few normal cells like the hair, skin, mouth and the gut. Quite often patients have digestive issues and poor oral hygiene prior to starting the chemotherapy. These patients are likely to face more of these side effects. The same is seen with Radiation as well.

The Therapy Kit will help patients change personal habits to either prevent the aforementioned side effects or manage them if they occur.

The Therapy Kit contains all the essentials for Oral care, Skin care and Gut care with printed instructions for use.

A short questionnaire documenting the patient’s personal habits is filled before the kit is handed over. This questionnaire will help us gauge the effectiveness of this kit.

A small inspiration note is included to motivate them in their journey through cancer.

In & Above Heart Heart : Breast Cancer Documentary

In & Above Her Heart is a heartwarming documentary film, set on the backdrop of breast cancer with the tales of two survivors natives of to Pune and Mumbai. The survivors narrate their journey against breast cancer and how they survived it with the odds stacked against them. This film also throws light upon the major personal aspects of these two strong women. Their stories are also authenticated by various oncologists and psychologist. This film explains how cancer is a taboo in our society even in the 21st century and how these women deal with it. Ultimately, it gives a strong portrayal of hope, inspiration courage among the two survivors and women of all ages and backgrounds in India. In a nutshell, the film opens up with a narrow perspective and ends with a broader picture. The film has been funded by Nag Foundation

Directed by : Akshay Joshi
Written by: Akshay Joshi and Prasad Kulkarni

All rights reserved @ Nag Foundation 2018