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Privacy Policy


Nag Foundation shall endeavour to put up only such information on the site, as it has verified from the Nag Foundation, or otherwise as being true to the best of their knowledge and belief. However, Nag Foundation does not accept any liability due to inaccuracy of information or data provided on this site. Any liabilities arising out of any act or omission by a visitor to this site, by relying on or using the information provided on this site shall be solely to the account of such visitor.

Nag Foundation will strive to ensure that the Nag Foundations send tax exemption certificates and feedback reports to the donors within reasonable time limits (limits can be assigned). Nag Foundation shall exert reasonable influence at its command, including withdrawal of non-compliant Nag Foundations from the site, if, in its opinion, the situation merits such action. However, Nag Foundation is indemnified by donors on this site, from any liabilities arising out of any kind of non-compliance by the Nag Foundations.

Nag Foundation disclaims any liability, legal or otherwise, that may arise due to the act, omission or otherwise of any visitor to this site, or caused by the same. Visitors to the site acknowledge that Nag Foundation is purely a “facilitator” for transactions between the Nag Foundations and visitors, and as such, stands indemnified from any liabilities that may arise due to the same. Visitors also acknowledge that visiting this site is an implicit acceptance of this disclaimer on their part.

Privacy Policy

User information on this site is kept strictly confidential. The site may, however, use this information from time to time for purposes such as corresponding with the users for various issues. We shall duly seek permission of the users in such cases.

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