Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it.


Nag Foundation has created tie-ups with other organizations working with the less privileged, which has allowed the organization to reach out to educate and empower. Along with creating awareness, we also coordinate women who show suspicious symptoms. In 2016, we have had awareness programs in about 8 bastis with a reach of over a 1000 women.

School Visit:

Educating children at a young age leads to informed adults within a community. Cancer as a topic is not covered in most schools, which is why students grow up uninformed, clueless and end up seeking help from sources that are not always reliable. The number of cases of children suffering from cancer in India is on a steady rise, with abysmal changes in the cure rate.

Involving schools serves two purposes:

Creating Tobacco Awareness in impressionable youth: As many as 2,500 persons die every day due to tobacco-related diseases in India. Smoking accounts for 1 in 5 deaths among men and 1 in 20 deaths among women. Talking, discussing tobacco help students make appropriate choices based on accurate information.

Starting young: Changing the way we live, talking in general about cancer prevention, helps students understand the role of lifestyle in disease expression.

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