Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it.


Nag Foundation started with The Cancer Clinic as recently as November 2016, where we regularly provide guidance and free screenings at different venues to promote healthcare awareness. The free cancer clinic is conducted by some of Pune’s most experienced medical cancer professionals.

Over the last six months we have managed to reach different regions across Pune and Maharashtra.

Number of Screening camps conducted: 6

Number of Screenings performed: 300 approx.

Pap smears conducted: 150+

Clinical Breast Examinations performed: 250+

No one should fight alone. The main objective that we hope to achieve with this venture is to bring quality treatment to people of all classes who cannot always afford to get the medical help they require.

The Cancer Clinic aims to provide medical assistance in forms of screenings and explaining reports, along with providing useful aids to caregivers of patients as well. It is meant for anybody battling cancer or suffering from its symptoms.

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