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Nag Foundation is a non-governmental organization

Nag Foundation is a non-governmental organization that focuses on cancer care, research and education in India. The main purpose that drives us today, is to reach a point where we can provide accessible and affordable cancer care to patients, as well as spread awareness and educate the masses about different types of cancer, symptoms and treatments available.

The foundation began as a public charitable trust under the guidance of K. K. Nag in 1989. Initially, its primary directive was to promote art and culture in Pune, and it managed to play a major role in popularizing art in the city. It was the first stage for many of the best known artists of Pune this day.


“We are committed to promoting Cancer awareness, funding cancer treatment & research and rehabilitation. Most importantly, we believe in celebrating life.”

Cancer can be screened early and overcome, provided people are educated of the signs from an informed source and have the resources to tackle it. Realizing the need for cancer based awareness and funding in India, we at Nag Foundation have set the following FOUR primary milestones to be achieved.

Cancer Research

Scientific data regarding Cancer in the Indian context is scarce. It is imperative to encourage Indian research studies so we may accurately pinpoint the causes and effects, allowing doctors to provide better advice and treatments.

Raising Funds

Raising funds is crucial for taking the fight against Cancer further. Without structured pricing of treatments and lack of insurance cover, funding allows us to provide patients with a first line of defense in the form of treatment and care.

Creating Awareness

Through raising awareness we hope to tackle the single largest contributor to a late diagnosis and ineffective treatments – a lack of knowledge.


People and relationships are at the centre of what we do and believe in. As important as the treatment against Cancer is, it is an equally significant journey for survivors to return to a normal life. At NAG Foundation, our community of caregivers, survivors and their families is constantly growing, providing emotional, physical and social support to each other.


The Nag Foundation has, over the years, brought together medical professionals and experts from different walks of life to create a passionate team which is driven, to take initiatives, achieve organizational goals and constantly aim for excellence.

Always bringing method to the madness

Dr. Shona Nag


M.D. Senior Oncologist

Brings order to the chaos

Mr. Milon Nag


Chairman, K.K. Nag Ltd

A brilliant surgeon and humble to the core

K.Sujai Hegde



Provides emotional support to the patient and is keen on starting a well structured research based approach

Rebecca D'Souza


Clinical Psychologist

Keep the entire organisation running and is the thread that binds us all

Srilata De


Administration Head

Helps in co-ordinating with our beneficiaries through their treatment process

Shriram Inamdar


Preventive Consultant & Ayurvedic Physician

Sincere and diligent. Always available for our women and easily accessible any time!

Anupama Mane


Breast Surgeon

Bringing a sense of humour into everything we do.

Sameera Singh


Events & Management

Witty, sharp and our research brain - The force behing the Surabhi Nag Research Award

Sudeep Gupta


Medical Oncologist

Helps with patient rehabilitation and passionate about advocacy

Rama Sivaram


Health Educator & Lymphodema Therapist

His opinions on patient treatments is always sought for

Dr. Vikram Maiya


Radiation Oncologist

The always there for you

Gajanan Kanitkar


General Surgeon

The link between patient and doctors and always puts our patients’ needs first

Almas Pathan


Junior Consultant in Family Medicine

The newest member of the family. An thoroughbred worker and all round nice guy!

Dr. Sanjay MH


Radiation Oncologist

Supportive of all our programs through her value presence and keen eye for details

Mrs. P.B Sadekar

Supporting Member

Finance & Accounting


From 2010, Nag Foundation has managed to grow and diversify our programs and objectives, leading to what we are today. The timeline is gives a clear view of our progress.



Hosted the 3rd Surabhi Nag Research Award

Started Gulmohar Day Care for unaffording patients

Organised a 3 module nursing training course for Chemo-Nurses

7th Indian Breast Cancer Survivors Conference held in Goa

Participated in the UICC Global Cancer Conference held in Kualalampur, Malaysia

Successfully conducted 33 Cancer Awareness programs and 24 Screening Camps

710 chemotherapy sessions at our low cost Daycare Centre


The second Surabhi Nag Research award was presented in January towards Cervical Cancer

Donated the latest ‘Scalp Cooling Machine’ at Jehangir Hospital

'Einstein' Raising funds through drama took place at raised over 5 Lakh INR

Dine with a Cause fundraiser took place in June in collaboration with Connecting


Awarded the first ever Surabhi Nag Research award for furthering research in early detection of Kidney Cancer

Hosted the first ever MOSCON: Decoding the genetics of common cancers in India

Kicked-off a unique Community breast health training the trainer program : A social intervention project to spreading cancer awareness in women

Hosted The fifth Indian Annual Breast Cancer Survivors Conference took place in Pune

Recognised by Live Life, Love Life foundation for efforts in Cancer Awareness & Care


Presented our first poster of St. Gallen’s Survivorship in Breast Cancer at ASCO Breast Cancer Survivorship Symposium by Dr. Pranjali Gadgil

The fourth Indian Annual Breast Cancer Survivors Conference took place in Mumbai in October

Hosted the IDCON 25: CME for general practitioners

Donated and Installed a Lymphapress Machine in Jehangir Hospital


The third Indian Annual Breast Cancer Survivors Conference was organised

Co-Organised Globethon: Walk for Cure

Published a ‘Recipe Book’ curated by cancer survivors

Co-Organised the Pinkathon with Milind Soman in November


Conduted the Second Indian Annual Breast Cancer Survivors Conference in Nashik

Organised an exhibition of handmade products was curated by the Breast Friends Support Group


Hosted the First Indian Annual Breast Cancer Survivors Conference in Pune in October Led a group of men and women and orchestrated a Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness in Pune

Donated a state of the art Lymphapress Machine to Sahyadri Hospital, Pune


Created a survivor's’ calendar that shared motivational messages to capture their unbreakable spirit


Launched Pune's first active support group ‘Breast Friends Support Group’ Curated an exhibition and sale of art by a cancer survivor

Financial Report

Our relationship with families we work with, patients we care for, institutes we partner with and our communities are built on trust and transparency. In the spirit of this, our annual financial reports are kept accessible at all times allowing our partners to stay in the loop about our financial expenditures and monetary growth.


Corporate Partnerships

Forbes Marshall Social Outreach Programs

Forbes Marshall Social Outreach Programs have been taking place for years now, and their Community Health Workers have managed to gain both trust and confidence of the members of the community they work in. Nag Foundation believes that we can change the cancer scenario in India by helping women change their health seeking behaviour.

Our partnership with Forbes Marshall comprised of the following:

Training their Community Health Workers in clinical breast examination.

Intensive training sessions on breast health and breast cancer.

Sensitizing target women in the communities that Community Health Workers were a part of.

Conducting screening camps in selected community regions.

Institution Partnerships

The Inner Wheel Club is a women's organization

The Inner Wheel Club is a women’s organization that firmly believes in helping people and extending the hand of friendship by making services available to people in need. Nag Foundation has partnered with Inner Wheel Club, Pune, in their endeavour to empower women of a small basti they have adopted, and together we have accomplished the following:

Successfully organized cancer awareness workshops.

Conducted breast cancer screenings.

Women suffering from suspicious symptoms were promptly sent for further investigation

Regular follow-ups took place and treatment alongside medication was provided where necessary.

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