Cancer patients and survivors, both require intensive care to ensure their mental and physical well-being. Cancer has the tendency to overshadow one’s priorities and take over their life. Nag Foundation is focused on treatment as well as rehabilitation, creating an inclusive space for all your needs. From funding to treatment, rehabilitation, and providing support to those who are and have battled cancer, our aim is to help cancer patients during all stages of the disease.

  • New cancer cases jumped to over 23 million in 2019 from 18.7 millions in 2010.
  • Cancer deaths reached 10 million in 2019 from 8.20.
  • 500 % increase in cancer in India by 2025 (280% due to ageing & 220% due to tobacco use).
  • Women who consume alcohol have a 30% higher chance of getting breast cancer.
  • 1 in every 8 minutes dies of Cervical Cancer in India.
  • 1 out of every 2 women detected with cervical cancer lose their lives because of the lack of information.
  • 30- 50% of all cancer cases are preventable.
  • 70% of Indian Cancers are caused by preventive risk factors.
  • it is estimated that there is 1 oncologist per 1 million people in India.

Stigmas, cultural taboos, lack of information and awareness about the disease, poor health seeking behaviours, lack of screening facilities contribute to the cancer burden in India.

Our cancer awareness programmes aid at creating a change in health seeking behaviours by empowering men and women in all cancer related issues.

Within our awareness programs, we also conduct training programs.


The Objective of the project is to train Community health workers in breast health and clinical breast examinations in the community.

A pilot project in association with Forbes Marshall trained 16 community welfare workers in breast health and clinical breast examinations.

These CWWs work in 4 lower middle class communities and have reached out to many women.