Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it.

We believe that each individual deserves access to the right healthcare

We understand the needs that come with cancer care, for the patient and their family. The main focus for a patient is to obtain the right diagnosis, guidance and treatment, along with a stable plan of action for rehabilitation.

‘Long term, sustainable cancer care can only be provided through planing’

Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world

- Nelson Mandela

Education is the first step to health awareness, and we believe that by spreading true facts about cancer and cancer health, we can change the way people perceive the disease, and in return increase the chances of early detection and prevention.


Changing cancer perception, one mind at a time.

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Solving global questions with research

"Believe in the power of individual spark."

We believe in the power of medical science. Every year, hundreds of new discoveries help Cancer patients around the world. Our research-funding program aims to inspire the brightest minds to discover world-changing solutions.


Now that I am cancer free I feel that I have evolved as a person, I had became since my diagnosis. I have become more open to sharing my experiences; the only difference is now I choose to share it with the people who understand me. Through the Foundations Breast Friends Support Group I have been able to meet new people, develop relationships. At the support group you find friends who understand and accept you totally as you are. Friends who travelled the same path I have lived.

Breast Cancer Survivor


Cancer changed my life forever. Today, I am a 3-year cancer survivor and have been able to pick up the threads of my life where I had left off. While going through the treatment it seemed like it would never end. However, it did and eventually it became a distant memory.

Elaine Abreo


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